Seller Guide

Seller Registration & Unlimited Product Listing are FREE!

Sellers / Vendors / Direct manufacturers can register and get access to upload unlimited products for Free. Our Admin charges will be included in the sale price of the product and charged only upon sale of product.  

Our expectation from seller is to supply Quality products at lowest price in market with on-time delivery. 

Product listing can be done by yourself or If any difficulty in uploading your product listing, then we (ibuyfromindia) admin can help  to upload your products in the listing for FREE.

1. Use only jpg or jpeg format for Product images uploading.


2. Use Scale  1 : 1.4 (vertical rectangle) keep your image to resolution of 1000px x 1400px for Product main image to get your images displayed uncropped with minimum screen resolution of atleast 72dpi. Other additional product gallery images can be of any aspect ratio.

 3. If your original images are in Square shape, then use Photoshop or Microsoft Powerpoint to add white background space to top and bottom to make it rectangular without distorting image. In Microsoft Powerpoint set aspect ratio to 1: 1.4 with portrait sizing, then drag and drop your image and save as jpeg format.

4. For Each product, upload only 1 to 5 images maximum, with atleast one of the image showing closeup views. 

5. If any videos available for a product, please pass it to ibuyfromindia Admin to format and upload in ibuyfromindia youtube channel and link it to your product in ibuyfromindia website. This will give clear view and boost up sales.

6. (OPTIONAL STEP) If your Whatsapp images are stored as jfif by default into computer, then change its format to jpg, by Right Click Windows -> Run -> regedit and change MIME format from jfif to jpg format as shown. This will enable direct saving of whatsapp images as jpg format in computer for your easier uploads.

7. Maximum Image upload size is 2MB, Image are automatically compressed without losing quality of images upon upload. 

Login ->  Inside Vendor Dashboard ->Store manager -> Products -> Add New 

1.. Upload Each of your products as simple product.

2. Select Catalog.

3. Product Title should contain four information:

a. Name

b. Colour

c. Fabric

d. SKU (It should be short form of product name with unique serial number)

“Name”-“Colour of product”-“Fabric”-“Stock keeping unit Number (SKU)”

Example: Fancy Sarees-Pink-Georgette-FS01

4. Regular Price (Before Discount). This is strike out price more than the actual sale price. 

5. Sale Price (After Discount), This is the final sale price. (Get calculation sheet from ibuyfromindia to include their admin charges in final sale price).

6. Add product information like its Fabric, size chart, colour, length of Saree, Length of Blouse, drywash or wetwash, stitching status etc.

     Do not use short description for long listing product information as it will lead to difficulty in accessing add to cart button. , so use only description text box (Bottom one).

7. Select suitable category + sub-category for your product. (if your category is not available, Please request admin to add it in the list).

8. Add gallery image -> 1 to 5 images maximum sufficient, atleast 1 close up image if available.

9. Add Product image (Aspect ratio should be 1: 1.4) to get uncropped product listing in catalog.

10.Inventory -> Enter an unique Stock Keeping Unit Number (SKU), Orders will be referenced back to products using this number.

SKU should contain product short form and serial number.

Example: If Product is Fancy Sarees from your shop(ex: Saree shop), then use an unique SKU that is specifically for your store and easily identifiable is FSSS01.

11. Enable Manage Stock

12. Enter the number of stock available.

13. Attributed -> Choose Colour.

(Colour Attributes are set to make your product search by its Colour. Only if colours are assigned to your product, then your product will be displayed with colour filter and also additional information in product page will show its Colour.)

 14. Select colour of your product.

15. Submit for Review.  Admin will publish it within a day or two.

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